Campground hosts needed in Helena-Lewis and Clark Forest

Posted at 2:08 PM, Jan 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-29 16:08:01-05

HELENA — Although the air is frigid and there is snow on the ground, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest are looking for campground hosts for the summer.

"Basically, if people are looking for that traditional rural Montana setting, this is definitely the area for it, especially in the summertime," said Danillo Figueroa, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest recreation specialist.

Figueroa says the campgrounds in the Logging Creek, Many Pines, Dry Wolf Campgrounds, Thain Creek Campground located in the Highwood Mountains, and Crystal Lake Campground located in the heart of the Big Snowy Mountains, are in need of campground hosts.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, hosts no longer have to do any cleaning or maintenance.

The campground hosts will have to reinforce rules to stay at the site for the whole summer, which runs from before Memorial Day until Labor Day weekend.

The hosts will also answer any questions that campers may have.

"They're just going to be on site to meet and greet a customer, and then some of the benefits (for) the campsite hosts is our sites are provided for them to hook up their camper," said Figueroa.

The hosts are volunteer-based and can leave for a few days during the week, but they have to be back at their site by the weekend.

Host will be able to bring their campers and will have access to water, but they will need to stock up on food, and fuel for generators.

"It's a really kind of unique way to spend a summer, and we are looking for folks who share our values as an agency, and one of those values is diversity, and so someone who's welcoming and can make people feel the connection with these special places," said Chiara Cipriano, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest.

Hosts are required to be at the sites before Memorial Day and stay until Labor Day weekend, if you are interested, you can call Figueroa at 406-547-6011.