Lightning caused fire in the Tobacco Root Mountains

Posted at 2:20 PM, Jun 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 16:28:37-04

WHITEHALL - The Incident Commander (IC) for the Brown’s Gulch Fire, Scott Drake, provided the following update on the status of this fire.

The acreage of this fire has been reassessed to be approximately 5 acres. As they have more daylight hours, are working to put a line around this fire, and utilizing an air asset, (a Type 3 helicopter), to conduct bucket drops of water on this fire, they were able to more accurately size this fire up.

Drake relayed that this fire was determined to be lightning caused and the current fire behavior is primarily smoldering and smoking. Yesterday, there was minimal spotting occurring but our Firefighters worked swiftly to address that and continue working on this steeply sloped and rocky area toward containment. The slope of this fire location is estimated at 60% so the terrain dictates that this work will take some time.

The photos of this fire are from yesterday, and were provided by the IC. This is a good reminder that although it is green, fuels are warming as daily temperatures increase and again, please keep this in mind as you recreate on public lands this weekend and do not light fireworks.