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International film festival underway in Butte

Posted at 6:49 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 20:49:03-04

Story by John Emeigh

BUTTE – It’s showtime for the Covellite International Film Festival in Butte.

“We’ll be showing over 100 films from 36 countries. We expect over 100 filmmakers who were involved in those films to be in Uptown Butte all week,” said event organizer Brian Boyd.

It’s the third year for the film festival that will be showing these films at the Covellite Theater, the Thornton Building and the Copper Lounge at the Finlen Hotel. There’s a variety of films.

“We’ve got films about reclamation and Superfund, we’ve got really great documentaries, we’ve got really great narratives, we’ve got a couple films made in Montana,” Boyd said.

This filmmaker from Portland will be featuring a documentary and on a major industrial cleanup in Oregon that he believes will resonate with Butte views.

“And I feel like our film is very uplifting, very positive success story and that could be very inspiring for the projects that are going to be happening here and the projects that will inevitably be difficult,” said director David Bee on his film “Built by Zidell.”

While filmmakers are excited to have their films premiere on the big screen like the one at the Covellite Theater, they also say Butte as a town is quite photogenic and could be ready for its closeup.

“I don’t know many other locations where you can get the diversity of architecture. We’ve got westerns just outside the city, you’ve got Uptown, Butte, that you could do anything from 1900s all the way on up,” said Canadian filmmaker Troy Greenwood.

Wylie Herman added, “It’s just so beautiful and the light here is so perfect, it’s like perfect lighting all day.”