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Emergency responders undergo mass casualty incident training in Anaconda

Posted at 4:54 PM, Aug 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-20 10:39:33-04

These kids aren’t actually injured. This is all part of a mass casualty incident training for agencies across Powell and Deer Lodge Counties to see if they’re up to the task if something like this were to happen.

"We don’t want to figure out what we need to do when the time comes, god forbid it does ever come," says Erick Brittain, fire chief of the Anaconda Fire Department.

The Anaconda Fire Department and EMS, Powell County EMS, Life flight network, and other agencies gathered at Washoe Park in Anaconda for a Mass casualty incident training.

Steve Schmid, Life Flight Network’s Customer service manager, says this training is valuable.

"Mass casualty incidents can be chaotic, and it is a really good opportunity for all of the different partners to get together and train so that in the event that it does happen there has been established relationships," said Schmid.

The scene was set up to look like a small bus crashed into a tree. There were multiple victims, injuries ranged from minor to fatal.

Elizabeth Krakowka participated in the simulated scenario, acting along to what injuries were on her card and answering the questions EMTs asked.

"I decided this would be fun and might as well do it since I know that there weren’t going to be a lot of people doing it and it might as well be something to help out the community," said Krakowka.

The goal of the training is for the many different agencies to work together and use their knowledge to mitigate environmental hazards, contain products, medically treat pediatric patients, and transport them to the hospital.

"It’s extremely not only important for us as first responders but also for the community hospital to do these drills," said Brittain.