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Bozeman volunteers, FWP wardens help rescue bald eagle chicks after birds found dead

Posted at 11:02 AM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 16:08:08-04

Last week , we told you about a pair of bald eagles found dead north of Bozeman and an ongoing investigation looking into what killed them.

Now, we know the eagles left behind several eaglets.

But there’s a good end to this story.

Eagle babies.jpg

With the help of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and the Montana Raptor Conservation Center and a volunteer professional tree climber, crews were able to find a way to physically take the bald eaglets and put them in a new nest.

Wardens and conservationists say this is the best way for baby eagles to survive and adults will, in most circumstances, seize the reins and adopt new babies naturally.

“It really presents the best chance at survival for orphaned eaglet," says Morgan Jacobsen, spokesperson for Montana FWP, Region 3. "They can’t be raised in capacity and released later in the wild. They become accustomed to humans really quickly at that age so this is really the best chance that we were able to give these chicks.”

The cause of the deaths between both of the eagle parents is still being looked into at the federal level.

As for the eaglets, as of last check, FWP wardens say the babies look like they are doing just fine...from a distance.