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Butte businesswoman to move Pita Pit into restored, historic building

Taco Bell also opening location in Uptown
Posted at 5:10 PM, Oct 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 12:14:13-04

BUTTE - “You ready? Let’s play Frogger! This is what I do every day, so part of moving is for my own personal health and safety, because I dodge cars all day long on this corner,” said Butte businesswoman Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher – no, not the Star Wars one – the Butte one, spends much of her days crossing the busy intersection of Park and Montana going between her two businesses – the Pita Pit and Taco del Sol. Soon both locations will be next to one another when she moves the Pita Pit restaurant into the building, she’s renovating that was built in Benjamin Harrison was president.

“You have to be a little bit crazy to do it, but for the crazy, passionate people of the world, this is the way to go. There’s such a deep reward,” said Fisher.

Though it's expensive and time-consuming, Fisher wants to contribute to preserving the historic Uptown District.

“I really feel like people will see what can be done and more people will do this,” she said.

While only 20 percent of the businesses in the nation are women-owned, Fisher said she doesn’t feel alone in Butte.

“You know, starting at Second Hand Books, start walking up and tell me where there’s a business that isn’t owned by a woman. I think Montana women are independent and strong and you see that I’m surrounded by them,” said Fisher.

Fisher sold her old Pita Pit building to someone who plans to open a Taco Bell in this location. She plans to have the Pita Pit running out of the new location by December.

Butte businesswoman to move Pita Pit into restored, historic building