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Butte homeless shelter receives donated Christmas presents

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Posted at 12:25 PM, Dec 19, 2022

BUTTE — It’s never a good time to be homeless, but during the holidays it’s especially traumatic. Fortunately, at the Butte Rescue Mission, some really generous people brought Christmas gifts so that the guests here can have a little light during this dark time.

“As Christmas comes around it’s a real tough time for people who’ve been through trauma, people who are experiencing heartache and hardships in their lives and just as something simple as a gift really lifts your spirit, so we’re thankful for that,” said Butte Rescue Mission Director Braydon Erickson.

Many local churches like St. John’s Episcopal wrapped up donated gifts to give to people staying at the homeless shelter during Christmas.

“It’s phenomenal the spirit of generosity in this congregation. Butte said we need, they’re going to gather resources and provide,” said Rev. Theresa Kelley-Bergmann of St. John’s Episcopal in Butte.

Church members were told by the mission that gifts from men were needed and the church wrapped them ahead of time before delivering them to the shelter.

“I love it, it’s Christmas spirit. I wish we had this spirit, and I think we do really in giving, we call it Christmas giving, but I like to do it all year around,” said St. John’s member Marcella Babineaux.

Shelter officials also are grateful for the many donations of warm clothing and other supplies to help people through the cold.

“This is saving lives, this is protecting people from the cold, frostbite and hypothermia that can be so dangerous and we’ve seen it through this winter,” said Erickson.

Church members say they love giving to those in need.

“It makes me feel that I’m not only contributing, but people are receiving, so the people who get this, you know, they’re wrapped, they’re presents, it’s fun! It’s Christmas,” said Babineaux.