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Butte Mutual Aid Network launches Snow Buddies program to help shovel sidewalks

Snow Buddies
Posted at 3:41 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 17:41:28-05

Once the snow begins to fall and cover the roads and sidewalks, Butte-Silver Bow requires property owners and tenants to shovel the sidewalks in front of their buildings.

But some people may not be able to shovel because of a disability or other problems that could cause them to not be able to shovel. That’s where Snow Buddies comes in.

Cassie Wick, the hotline coordinator for the Snow Buddies program, said that the idea of snow buddies came from different human service organization members talking about the lack of help for those who need it.

"So we started talking as a bunch of human service organizations about how we could help bring information to the public about doing your part but also looking around and seeing if somebody else needs help getting their sidewalk done." Wick said.

This is the first new program of the year offered by the Butte mutual aid network since it transitioned to the Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council from the National Center for Appropriate Technology.

Snow Buddies is the first of many new programs to be rolled out this year.

"Any need that is out there, we’re hoping to use the Butte mutual aid network to expand gaps that are in services for people and one of them that we’ve noticed over the years that we’re going to start ramping up is a ramp program." said Todd Hoar, the Director of the Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council.

Wick said that as the Snow Buddies program is a relatively new program, she’d like to get the word out.

"If you do need help with having your sidewalk shoveled or you have a family member that your worried about that they aren’t able to get out of their property safely then you can sign them up via the Snow Buddies website on Butte mutual aid." Wick said.

To visit the Snow Buddies website, click here.