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Butte's Daughters of Norway prepare lefse, a Norwegian sweet treat, for annual bake sale

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Posted at 5:16 PM, Oct 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-26 11:47:45-04

BUTTE - Hey folks, this is the time of year when the Daughters of Norway in Butte make a sweet, traditional treat known as lefse. And what do the ladies think of this time of year?


Daughters of Norway President Bev Becker said, “I’ve been making lefse since I was probably 3 years old, yeah, so I make a lot, my friend over there, we make about 125 a year.”

The Daughters of Norway met at the Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte to make this Norwegian flatbread that's made with potatoes, flour, and cream. It’s covered with butter, sugar, and sometimes cinnamon.

“You know, we always had lefse for Thanksgiving and Christmas growing up so it’s just kind of the tradition,” said Linda Moore.

The pastry is made by rolling out the dough and then cooking it on a round skillet. They then package them up in preparation for their annual bake sale, which this year is on Nov. 11 at the Racetrack Firehall. And when they get excited, they shout out an old Viking cheer:


Moore added, “And I like to get it thin enough to see the red lines on my pastry board and that’s when I know it’s thin and ready to cook.”

They even gave me a crack at making my own lefse. I’ve made pizza, is it like pizza? Can I do one of these? Hey, that’s a spicy lefse! Hey, I’m getting pretty good at this!

“I want my granddaughters to learn how to roll lefse, how to make Norwegian cookies, you know, they need to keep it going,” said Cheryl Wegley.

The Daughters of Norway members really enjoy working together and getting better with each batch.

“I’ve learned a lot and I’m not perfect at all yet,” said Wegley.

“You do a good job,” said Becker.

“We get it done,” Wegley said.

The Racetrack Fire Hall bake sale runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Nov. 11.