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'Dishability' program in Butte helps those with disabilities join the workforce

Posted at 8:44 AM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 11:38:55-05

BUTTE - For the past five years, the Dishability program in Butte has proven that people with disabilities have the ability to learn and can be great employees.

“The whole goal of this program is to have clients here and learn those skills together so that they can be employed in our community,” said Dishability Program Coordinator Courtney Nucito.

Adult clients with disabilities work in the kitchen to learn cooking skills.


“I love it, it’s fun to help people be healthy,” said Mandi Griffin.

The program has certainly given Jaymen Foley plenty of confidence.

“You know I’m Hollywood and everybody knows me around this town, so if you ever want my autograph,” said Dishability client Jaymen Foley.

She really enjoys working on the program’s new food truck, which gives Dishability the exposure it needs.

“It makes us interact with people to let people know that people like us exist and so people don’t think we’re invisible,” said Foley.

Many Disability clients go on to work at local businesses like Destiny Rogers who is a host at MacKenzie River Pizza in Butte. The owner has hired several clients from the program.

“Gosh, they make the job so much more fun, you know, I tell you, I honestly believe I learn so much more from them than they do from me, you know, it’s great,” said MacKenzie River Pizza owner Colin Higgins.

I’ll have the entire left side of the menu for here and the entire right side to go, please. Well, I’m here with Destiny and she’s been working at MacKenzie River for more than a year now, and her bosses say that she does a really great job.

“Oh, man, hire them. They’re phenomenal. You’ll love the energy, you’ll love the camaraderie, the laughs that you’ll have,” said Higgins.

Nucito added, “I know what all the abilities my clients have and when they’re able to see that in themselves that like the biggest reward for me.”