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East Middle School students get cooking in the kitchen for life skills class

 East Middle School kids learn life skills
Posted at 11:56 AM, May 29, 2024

BUTTE — Students in the family and consumer science class at East Middle School have been working all semester to learn their way around the kitchen, among other important life skills.

Just days before school breaks for the summer, they are rushing around the newly remodeled classroom in order to replicate the popular TV show “Nailed It” as they try to replicate a cupcake that has a Swedish fish floating in a river scene.

"It’s important to know how to make yourself food and, like, be able to like actually do stuff for yourself," says Abyline Hursh. She is one of about 120 kids in the Butte Middle School who attend the FACS class that recently found its way back into the curriculum after about a decade.

"It’s important to learn this skill because it teaches you how to learn how to use knives and to be careful when using knives and how to properly cook food and how to know when it’s fully cooked so you don’t get sick or anything like that," says Olivia Salazar.

"Family and Consumer Science is about taking a scientific approach to looking at everyday problems," says FACS teacher Callie Boyle.

Students in Boyle’s seventh-grade class get lessons about food production, textiles, and relationships. They also learn how to create a budget, plan meals, and they even learn about grocery shopping.

"This is one of the only classes that teaches life skills, teaches tangible things that the kids need right now, in their future. For themselves, for their families, for their communities," says Boyle.

It also appears to be an enjoyable class. Students are moving about, working together and even having fun.

"The fun thing is, you know, making the frosting, eating the frosting, decorating and hopefully we win. Winning will also be fun too," says Colton Nesheim.

Before the bell sounds, it's too soon to call a winner of the "Nailed It" competition but perhaps winning is simply in the experience.

"These kids are fantastic. Coming to work every day, you know, I get to, like today, spend all day baking cupcakes with some of my favorite people. It’s a pretty good gig," says Boyle.