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Ennis School District reflects on positive school year during pandemic

Posted at 9:35 PM, Apr 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-01 23:35:25-04

ENNIS — As the school year dwindles down, the Ennis School District still has some big things they are anticipating.

“Lots of things going on. Right now, in the district, we’re looking at a building expansion project for our high school. We’re very happy about our school play going on right now. We have a softball game here. We had full football, volleyball - all of our extracurricular - basketball,” explained Casey Klasna, the district's superintendent.

Like other districts, the Ennis School District is preparing for School Election Day with two major things on the ballot.


“Trustee election is a big item on that ballot because we have 5 individuals that have petitioned to run for the school board for two, three-year positions so we haven’t had that in awhile here,” he said.

That and a general fund levy.

“To get to our maximum budget, it’ll be around 41 thousand dollars, which may not seem like a lot of money, but it is a lot of money to us, and if we could get that passed and use it for kids. That’s what we want to do,” Klasna explained.

And what does the money from the general fund go towards?

“General fund is our main fund where we pay most everything out of salaries, benefits, materials, supplies about everything you could name is paid out of that fund,” he said.

A technology levy was passed 5 years ago that allowed the district to excel during this pandemic - a time where many other districts suffered.

“We have one-to-one devices for our students. Our teachers have adequate technology in their classrooms, smartboards. So, we were a step ahead of the game. We feel our teachers embraced that technology and really learned how to utilize the technology to the full potential. So we hit the ground running. We were ready to go,” the superintendent explained.

Overall, the district says they’re happy to see the growth and they’re happy to have a successful year thus far.