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Family holds memorial for grandmother, subject of 'Lady in Room Number Nine'

Posted at 4:57 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 15:13:26-04

BUTTE — What used to be a hidden grave now has a headstone with the name "Theresa" engraved on it.

Marie Theresa Evans was the grandmother of Larry Ohman and his siblings, but her existence, like her grave, was hidden for many years.

Larry Ohman decided to write a book about the mystery surrounding his grandmother’s death pieced together by family memories and his own research.

Jim Ohman says that the secret of their grandmother had repercussions for the family.

"Just a lot of tragedy as well as success happened in Butte and for our family, we just ended up losing out on a whole future with a grandparent we didn’t get to know," said Jim.

John Ohman says he is proud of Larry for writing this book that brings together pieces of memories from their childhood and understanding why their mother was reserved when it came to their grandmother.

"Knowing our mother as we did, and she was very guarded, very protective. She was a wonderful person in her own right; we loved and cherished her. She did not speak that often of this event, but it prompted our interest. It’s been keen all of these years," said John.

The author of the book, Larry Ohman, and his siblings got together to hold a memorial service for the grandmother they never got to know.

"I’m happy that everybody decided to come visit and that we’ve done this. We haven't been together for a while, except for not really bad things, but funerals and things, so it’s nice to have them all around," said Marie Ohman Hatcher, the oldest sibling in the Ohman family.

Larry Ohman and his family say that this is the closure the family needed and it brought them closer together.