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Filming begins for 1923 series in Uptown Butte

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Posted at 4:50 PM, Aug 24, 2022

BUTTE — Butte is ready for its closeup as filming begins for the 1923 television series and people can expect some road closures in Uptown Butte as the cameras begin to roll.

“It’s a big boon for our community in that way, you know, it is disruptive in ways, there will be street closures, there will be redirections of traffic,” said Butte’s Director of Community Development Karen Byrnes.

Despite temporary inconveniences, city officials say the series is already making a positive economic impact on the town.

“Services and materials that go into this production are being sources locally, so we’re seeing a big impact to a lot of our businesses being able to provide these services,” said Byrnes.

A location manager for the series said portions of Broadway and Granite Street will be shut down for film by next week. Traffic control will be in place and public access to places like the Butte Courthouse will always be open.

Some Uptown businesses are happy to see the crew here.

“Part of being a business owner and an entrepreneur is kind of rolling with punches and kind of go with the flow and making it work, so we’re just welcoming them with open arms,” said Shelly Conner the owner of Gloss Green Beauty Counter on W. Park Street in Butte.

One Butte resident is contributing his 1923 Ford Model-T to the show.

“I feel this is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s exciting, I get to make a little money off of it and we get Butte on the map,” said Daniel Lode.

The series is expected to be in production in Butte until early next year.