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Free food: Red Lodge family giving back to their community

Red Lodge family feeding community
Posted at 5:10 PM, Jun 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 10:11:10-04

RED LODGE — One Red Lodge family has been giving away food to first responders and flood victims since last Tuesday.

Chandler Peabody and her husband were in Billings when the flooding started in Red Lodge and thought they would return to a damaged home.

Luckily, the flood water had been rerouted just half a block from their home.

Peabody's husband had broken his collarbone right before the flooding started, so they could not help lifting and moving things. But they knew right away that they had to do something to help their fellow community members.

“We decided we would cook. I love to cook and this was our way we could serve the community,” said Chandler Peabody Sunday.

The Peabody family has fed numerous people throughout the last week. From 60 when they first started to hundreds in more recent days.

“Today we have enough to feed another 200. So, people are wanting it, needing it and it’s been amazing,” Peabody said.

One of the many people utilizing the Peabody's good deed is their neighbor Carl Peterson.

“I got a stroke and these people, everybody, has been so nice,” Peterson said Sunday.

Peterson has gotten food from the Peabodys every day since they started. He feels grateful to have such helpful people so close to him.

“They’ve been cooking night and day. Yeah, wow!” said Peterson.

The Peabodys have been feeding the community with help from donations from their friends and family. When the free meals are no longer a necessity, they will donate the rest of the money to those in need.

“Most people don’t have running water and electricity still up our street and they’re also forgetting to eat… Cooking for them and serving the food to them or being able to just walk a couple blocks to grab a free hot meal has been a blessing to them,” said Peabody.