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From litter to art: Butte artist collects glass from Butte hiking trail to make art

Posted at 7:41 PM, May 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-06 12:47:07-04

BUTTE — When you walk the miles of beautiful walking trails around Big Butte, unfortunately you often lots of ugly, broken pieces of glass. Fortunately, there’s an artist here who takes this litter and literally makes it into art.

“The M especially is such a beautiful trail to hike on, but there’s tons of glass for folk to cut their feet on, our kids go up in their sandals all the time and we just want to make sure it’s a cleaner place up there,” said Shannon Moyle of Montana See Glass.

She now collects the glass, smooths it down in a rock tumbler, and makes it into works of art.

“It’s kind of cool the history of some of these pieces, you know. A broken mug on the M can turn into a really cool piece of art,” said Moyle.

Moyle, along with her husband and two children, started picking up glass off the trail last summer just to clean up the area.

“We certainly like to instill stewardship for the outdoors with our kids and just picking up after ourselves and leave public lands better than what we left them as,” said her husband Matt Henderson.

They can find about 20 pounds of glass in a half hour.

"If you keep doing this, you might put yourself out, you won’t have any more glass."

“That would be a wonderful problem to have, that would be great, yes,” said Moyle.

You would like to run out?

“Totally, yes, everybody should run up to the M and pick up glass,” she said.

The family started Montana See Glass and their work will be on display during Butte’s Art Walk kickoff on Friday, May 3 at Drizzle Sips and Scoops (15 S. Montana St.) from 5 to 8 p.m.