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Generous, mysterious person leaves boots, clothes for Butte's needy

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Posted at 7:30 PM, Feb 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-03 10:12:59-05

BUTTE — It was underneath a sculpture where somebody left a pair of winter boots and other warm clothing for anyone to take, and there were other reports of—let’s just call them—random acts of charity in Uptown Butte. Now, no one’s really sure who this generous person is, but for those who live in Butte, it’s no surprise.

“It does not surprise me seeing all the donations people bring down here saying, ‘could you give this to somebody who needs it,’” said Rescue Mission Director Brayton Erickson.

A Butte resident posted a picture on Facebook of the boots on Feb. 1, stating it was the second pair of winter boots they’ve seen left for grabs. The boots were stuffed with new socks, underwear, and a shirt. Some residents said they like the discreet way the items were given out.

“They don’t have to go up to somebody and ask for it and that puts them in a better place because it can be hard to ask for help from people. I think that can be kind of embarrassing or make them feel bad,” said Butte resident Mikayla Lewis.

The Butte Rescue Mission has been giving away warm clothing throughout winter and is inspired by this act of kindness.

“I’m encouraged, you know, it shows that the community cares very much about our neighbors, about those that are less fortunate, about those that need things,” said Erickson.

An Insty Prints worker, whose office is right across the street from where the boots were left, is impressed by the generosity of Butte people.

“And there’s way more taking care of people here than where I’m from in Denver. I’ve been really admiring that in people, the love and the connection that’s in Butte is really awesome,” said Danni Bergren.