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U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis shows growth in Great Falls for 2018

Great Falls GDP grew 7.4% in 2018
Posted at 7:56 AM, Dec 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-15 09:56:56-05

Great Falls is growing and for Bret Doney, president of the Great Falls Development Authority, this is big news.

“The exciting news is that the Great Falls economy, Cascade County, which is our metro area, grew substantially last year in 2018. We grew by 7.8 percent, it added 288 million dollars to our annual economy, bringing us above 4 billion dollars for the first time.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the metro area’s Gross Domestic Product - or monetary value of all finished goods and services made - was at 3.8% growth, placing Great Falls second-highest among the major Montana counties.

Gallatin County placed first with 5.2% growth.

One business in Great Falls, Firefly Salon and Spa, has seen a change in her business.

“My business has grown a lot since I started. I’m not from here, I’m not a local, so no one really knew who I was, and now people…I don’t really have to advertise anymore, people have heard about us through their friends and family and I have been able to keep adding more services,” says owner Brandi Cundiff.

Firefly Salon Owner Brandi Cundiff

“I think that’s what really helps are community grow is when there is things available for people to do.”

Grow Great Falls hopes to top this number in 2020.