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Great Potato Giveaway returned to Billings

Posted at 9:30 AM, May 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-17 20:36:17-04

The Great Potato Giveaway went so well last weekend that Foth Farms brought another load to Billings this weekend.

The KHMK 103.7 the Hawk van led the way into the parking lot for the Forth Farms truck from Toston.


Foth brought 61,000 pounds to the upper parking lot at MetraPark.

Last weekend, a Riverside Construction truck hauled 29,500 pounds.


These are Montana certified seed potatoes, normally for farms in Idaho.

Mathew Foth says the lower demand has cut into profits, but he's happy to give them away.


"Last week when we did it, I was a little worried," Foth said. "Would they get cleaned up? It feels great to help. There's just been kind of a glut of potatoes, especially for fries. So my customers have had to cut back acres. Montana certified seed potatoes. But as far as being edible, they're the same as what you would get in your grocery store. They're going to people who can use them, eat them or plant them in their gardens. Glad to see them getting used up."

Foth has sent potatoes to other places in Montana, including the high line.

Another truckload may be coming to Billings next weekend.