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Hardin family still without answers after brutal death of son

Posted at 8:38 AM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 10:38:56-04

HARDIN — Darrell Scalpcane III was murdered on the steps of the Big Horn County Library back in April. Months have passed and his family is still waiting for answers.

“He was really intelligent. He was very, very smart, and really quick witted. He could always make us laugh,” said Scalpcane’s mother, Roxanne Well Known on Wednesday.

He was especially close with his younger sister, Corinna Scalpcane.

“He was always there, all the time if I was afraid. You know I would just have him there and he would help me,” said Scalpcane.

Scalpcane was only 33 years old when he was assaulted while sleeping on the steps of the Big Horn County Library on April 26.


“Somebody just came up and they have their landscaping, they have some big old boulders. They took one of those and smashed in his head,” Well Known said.

Scalpcane was found by a librarian unconscious. Paramedics flew him to Billings to try to save his life.

“By the time we got here, they already took us to the family room and brought the chaplain, so I knew. I knew something was wrong,” said Well Known.

The damage done to his head was so severe, that there was no brain activity left.

“They did all the tests, they couldn’t find any activity, so they declared the time of death,” said Well Known.

Scalpcane passed away two days later on April 28. He struggled with alcohol addiction and was living on the streets when he was assaulted.

“I just almost felt like they didn’t want to help him because of the lifestyle he was in,” said Well Known.

Scalpcane’s family is frustrated by what they say is a lack of answers from the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Department, and that his death hasn’t gotten more public attention.

“I can’t seem to talk to the detective. I don’t know if it’s just cause he’s busy, I’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt but we’re already over a month out and I don’t know anything,” said Well Known.

MTN News spoke to the Big Horn County sheriff. He was unable to provide more details saying the case is under investigation. The detective on the case didn’t return our calls.

The family held a vigil in Hardin last Tuesday to raise awareness about Scalpcane’s death.


“People spoke about Darrell and shared memories. Just everything they admired about him,” said Corinna Scalpcane.

The family has suffered a devastating loss.

“He meant everything to me,” said Scalpcane.

They hope the person who assaulted Scalpcane is caught so that this doesn’t happen again.

“I just want people to know and especially the people that are out there in the streets. I don’t that to happen to anybody else,” said Well Known.

They hope justice will be served sooner rather than later.

“I want justice for him. And I want people to know that his life mattered,” said Well Known.

If you’d like to donate to Scalpcane’s family, visit Fundraiser by G A : Our beloved Darrell (