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Hot dog days of summer can be harmful to pets

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 21:48:59-04

BUTTE — Summer is a great time to come out and enjoy the dog park in Butte, but experts warn that these really hot days can be detrimental to your pets and you have to be very careful.

Luka is still getting used to the pond at Skyline Park, but it sure helps him cool off in this very hot weather. And heat can be dangerous to animals.

“If you’re hot, they’re even hotter, because they always have a coat on, they don’t cool down as fast as people do,” said Butte Animal Services Coordinator Lynette Hogart.

Experts tell people to always have shade and cool water available for their pets when they’re outside. Even limited exposure to extreme heat can cause pets to suffer heatstroke and could kill them, so it’s important owners keep a close eye on their pets.

“Be outside with them at all time, especially in this kind of heat. There’s really no reason to leave them outside by themselves. They’re safer inside in this kind of weather,” said Hogart.

Some pet owners have very active dogs, but make sure they keep them cool when playing outside.

“For the most part, if they’re furry like him, I just spray him down with water, spray him with the hose and keep him nice and wet. Let him jump in the pond, go swimming in the lake,” said pet owner Blake Shaw.

A lot of furry friends don’t wear shoes like we do, so before you take them for a walk on concrete, put your hand down on the sidewalk, and if it’s too hot for you, it’s going to be too hot for them.

“Think about exercising in the morning and late at night, keep them on the grass if you can, because the pavement heats up so fast, it’s extremely hot and they can burn and blister the pads of their paws,” said Hogart.