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Incoming freshman hit the dorms during Montana Tech's move-in day in Butte

Posted at 4:54 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-18 18:54:45-04

BUTTE — It’s move-in day at Montana Tech as parents and students haul personal items up to their dorms getting ready for the big fall semester.

Some students are leaving home for the first time.

“I guess it’s terrifying in some ways, it’s growing up, it’s not much fun, but you’ve got to do it,” said Arlo Eades, a freshman from California.

When asked 'How are your parents doing with this?' Eades had a quick answer.

“I think it’s harder on them than me probably,” he said.

Toni Bell brought her son Bowen in from Gillette, Wyoming, to help her son move into his new dorm. She said she’s not sad to leave her son in Butte.

“I remember my first day going to college and I couldn’t wait for my parents to leave to be in my own skin, so I’m really excited for him actually,” said Toni Bell.

Montana Tech staff and resident advisers were on hand to help the students and said they enjoy the move-in day.

“It’s so exciting, with all the new residents on campus. Last year I was a freshman, so I was in the same boat as all of them,” said Montana Tech RA Maddie Toll.

The new arrivals have many questions, but one stands out.

“The big thing they want to know is: Where is lunch?” said Toll.

Moving-in day always involves a lot of hard work, and this year at Prospector Hall it’s even harder because the elevator’s out of order.

“It’s been heavy, I’m surprised she brought as much as she did. It seems like too much, in fact, the more loads I bring up, I’m pretty sure you don’t need all this,” said Patrick Smalley, whose daughter is starting her freshman year at Montana Tech.

The first day of classes begins on Aug. 23.