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International studies without international travel? UM Western Experience One offers students unique opportunity

Posted at 10:59 AM, Apr 05, 2021

DILLON — On today's Montana This Morning, Chet talked to a professor in Australia about a cooperative program currently underway at the Montana Western Campus in Dillon.

The Foundation for Experience One is helping fund this effort, which includes instructors from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia actually teaching some classes at Montana Western.

Last week we talked with a professor in Dillon who was team teaching with a professor from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. This morning we talked with that Australian professor.

Dr. Alan McWilliams shared information about the similarities and differences between a community of 3 million-plus people, home to nine universities, and Dillon, Montana.

The similarities are that both schools are on the block scheduling program. Victoria University only started that in 2018, so they are using Montana Western as a guide for how to do it properly. Western students meantime get international education without having to travel internationally.

Dr. McWilliams says he plans to visit the Montana Western campus when international travel is once again allowed, and he feels he already knows a lot about it because of this unique educational opportunity. He hopes some Montana Western students can visit his campus one day as well.

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