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Montana businesswoman recognized as trailblazer on national magazine cover

Billings businesswoman recognized as trailblazer on national magazine cover
Posted at 8:25 AM, Feb 20, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-20 10:25:57-05

BILLINGS — Amanda Stonerock is a busy mom, wife, CEO, and founder of her own company, Stonerock Business Solutions. She has also caught the attention of a national magazine, The Top 100, and will be featured in the upcoming edition.

“They have selected myself and my business as the cover, as well. So, I got to see what that looks like. It sounds like the issue will be done at the beginning of March, so it’ll be really cool to see,” Stonerock said on Monday.

Stonerock's business involves, but is not limited to, grant writing and management, program and nonprofit development and business consulting. She started her business in 2021 and has experienced great growth with both clients and employees in the few years of operation.

One of those employees, Anastasiia, nominated Stonerock for the magazine. According to the magazine's website, over 500,000 people read them. The edition Stonerock will be featured in is specifically for innovators and entrepreneurs.

"I have an amazing team member who is in Ukraine (Anastasiia) and she has been with us since October 2022 and is just phenomenal, and she has helped the business grow and she wants to share the work that we have done,” Stonerock said.

Billings businesswoman recognized as trailblazer on national magazine cover

To date, Stonerock Business Solutions has applied for over $40 million for grant funding for businesses and nonprofits, including $14 million awarded in Billings.

Terri Todd is the co-founder of Gratitude in Action, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting recovery and sobriety, and one of the over 60 clients Stonerock's business has helped.

“She is just really dedicated to helping people,” Todd said.

Todd said it was wonderful that Stonerock is being recognized nationally.

“Amanda has done some pretty incredible things. Just from the amount of money she’s brought to the community, the amount of nonprofits that she’s helped, the business development that she's done with businesses who would not be in the position that they are had she not been involved with them,” Todd said.

Billings businesswoman recognized as trailblazer on national magazine cover

As great of a milestone being featured in the magazine is for Stonerock, she said her biggest accomplishment is seeing businesses such as Gratitude in Action succeed.

“I’m just grateful that I have a community that’s supportive, that’s innovative," she said. "Because of this community, I get to be having a really successful business and be recognized and I’m super grateful for that.”