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Montana investment company believes now's a good time for startup businesses

Posted at 1:38 PM, Dec 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-28 15:38:54-05

BOZEMAN — We know this pandemic has uniquely affected businesses. Most people would think this isn’t necessarily the time to start one. But this company believes now is a great time, especially with their help.

“It has been amazing the number of new companies that are being founded in the midst of a pandemic. The pandemic, like many other macroeconomic shocks, is a time of disruption and in a time of disruption we’re all changing the way we do things, and that’s creating a lot of new opportunities for entrepreneurs to create new products and new businesses,” explained Pat LaPointe, the managing director with Frontier Angels.

This is where this Montana-based investment company comes in with aid.

“Frontier Angels is a group of current and recently retired business executives across the state of Montana, and we get together periodically to look at young, emerging businesses and find some that are good investments for us as well as good opportunities to create jobs in our local communities here in Montana,” LaPointe said.

Landtrust, a local company in Bozeman, was one of those emerging businesses.

"Like everyone else we didn’t see what was coming. You know, that first month of shutdowns was bad for everybody. But then after, Pat was very helpful, and the angels were very helpful with introducing us to other angel groups and investor groups around the country. And we were able to go on and raise a second round of funding, and some of those introductions have become our investors here,” said Nic De Castro, founder of Landtrust.

Frontier Angels is always looking to help out smaller businesses, especially those startup tech companies. So, for more information on how you can get that process started, visit here.