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MSU "Snowmester" exceeds enrollment expectations

Just under 2,000 students enrolled for the University's first ever winter semester
Posted at 4:52 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 18:52:44-05

BOZEMAN — Montana State University announced the first winter semester offered on campus exceeded expectations, with just under 2,000 students enrolling for courses.

Students enrolled for the Snowmester, which goes from November 30th to January 8th.

The majority of courses offered are online, and ranging from the STEM field, to the arts, humanities and social sciences.

A spokesperson for MSU says the Snowmester allows for students to catch up, get ahead or stay on top of their studies, and is another example of how the university continues to adapt to challenges from the pandemic.

“Every time the pandemic seems to give us a challenge, we try our best to meet it. That’s been a goal the whole way through,” said spokesperson Michael Becker.

“It was the goal with fall, we had a lot of adaptations to keep our students and faculty and staff as safe as possible. And that continues on.”

Becker says it’s too early to tell if the Snowmester will become an option in years to come.

But says faculty and students are appreciative of the opportunity to take advantage of the extended break.