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Nine Mile Park vandalized

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Posted at 3:18 PM, Oct 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-14 17:32:45-04

BUTTE — Interpretation signs, picnic tables, and the bathroom walls at Nine Mile Park were vandalized. Butte-Silver Bow Parks and Recreation were able to get most of the paint off, but they're asking who would do this.

"All these facilities are built for them to enjoy. All you’re doing is—you're not enjoying it, you’re not helping other people enjoy it," said Bob Lazzari.

Butte-Silver Bow Parks and Recreation received a call about vandalism discovered in Nine Mile Park late Thursday night.

The signs were painted over with black and purple spray paint, the walls of the bathroom were tagged, and picnic tables were defaced.

"Although this is disturbing, you can see right now most of it’s all taken care of already. We came out with our staff and were lucky to get the paint off," said Lazzari.

Bob Lazzari, the Parks and Recreation Department director, says he hasn’t seen vandalism to this extent in the parks and the signs got the brunt of the abuse.

"We’re pretty fortunate I don’t think we need to replace them right now, but it’s something to always think about," said Lazzari.

There is still paint that cannot be removed from the picnic tables and bathroom walls. Lazzari says that handling these problems takes staff away from important projects like preparing for winter.

"It’s not the best of situations but we’re lucky that we could address it as best as we did and have the result that we got," said Lazzari.