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Preparation important for subzero temperature power outage

Posted at 5:26 PM, Dec 21, 2022

BUTTE — On cold weather days like today in Butte, nothing is more important than having shelter and power. But, people also need to be prepared in case they lose power.

“Just like you would if you were traveling right now you would have an emergency kit in your vehicle. We should all have those emergency kits in our homes too, just in case, you plan for the worst and hopefully never use it,” said Northwestern Energy spokesperson Jo Dee Black.

There’s always the potential for a power outage and that can be dangerous when temperatures drop to subzero levels. Northwestern Energy recommends having a battery-powered radio or television, flashlight and batteries, non-perishable food, bottled water, and items to keep you warm.

“Sleeping bags and some warm blankets and things in case the power were to go out overnight,” said Black.

Workers at the True Value Hardware store in Butte have received plenty of business from people trying to winterize their homes for this cold snap.

“You know, at this point, if you don’t have a generator, it’s probably too late to get one, but we do have emergency candles that we sell, we also have battery backup lightbulbs that you screw into a standard lightbulb fixture and it’s got a battery in it, so it’s there’s a power outage, that lightbulb going to continue to function for three hours without power,” said True Value Store Director Russ Harper.

Northwestern has crews on call that are ready to respond anywhere at any hour to repair damaged lines and restore power.

“We have our crews equipped to work in this condition, but we know that our crews and first responders are out keeping our community safe and we certainly appreciate those efforts,” said Black.