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Rosebud County deputy recovering after nail removed from hand

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Posted at 11:33 PM, Mar 08, 2023

Every day, law enforcement officers risk injury and sometimes even death.

Recently, one Rosebud County Sheriff's deputy suffered a unique injury, falling on ice and having a nail impale his hand.

Deputy Brenden Stevenson responded to a medical call on Monday night and he himself needed help from first responders.

After a freak accident, he is back on the job and recovering.

"On coming to the house, somebody was frantically waving us down at the roadway and it seemed like it was possibly progressing so I was trying to do what I could to get inside," Stevenson said.

He headed into the home with an automated external defibrillator or AED in his right hand.

He slipped on some ice on the gravel and put his left hand down as he protected the AED

"It was dark in front of the house and I couldn't see the actual nail in my hand until I got inside the residence," he said. "It was nailed to my palm and I couldn't open it and I thought it was broke or something until I got inside and I see a 16 penny nail through it."

He could not open his hand and did not see what happened until he got into the light and he helped the person at the home.

"Part of it was shock, but just mainly tried to just disregard my own pain and get inside and help the person that was in need," he said.

Stevenson then drove himself to Indian Health Services in Lame Deer, where medical personnel used bolt cutters during the procedure.

"They had to cut at the bottom of the finger," Stevenson said. "And that way they could pull the main part of the nail out of my palm and then they could grab the top of the nail and pull it out of my finger instead of pulling the entire nail through my finger."

He says he's doing fine after having the wound cleaned and he will get his hand x-rayed later this week.

And he said his wife is doing fine through all this.

"She's doing good," Stevenson said. "As much as I told her not to meet me at the ER, she had to make sure I was okay, see it through. But without her help, I couldn't do it."