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Senior Fest helps Butte seniors connect with services and each other

Posted at 7:27 AM, May 04, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-04 09:27:50-04

BUTTE — I’m here at the Senior Fun Fest at Star Lanes, and this is an annual event that puts seniors here in Butte in touch with local services and, more importantly, have a good time. Here we go: Whoa! Only one pin. This lane needs to be waxed. Wax this lane!

“I think getting out and being able to be around other people, have fun talk to somebody, meet new people, make a friend for a day,” said Carol Biggers of RSVP.

The fair provided free lunch, games, music, and entertainment. Some guests say they look forward to this event each year.

senior fest.jpg

“Meeting all the people, you know, because I like to mingle with the public instead of staying home all the time and this is a good way to do it,” said 76-year-old Butte resident Ross Deneal.

This event also featured several local service groups that can help Butte’s senior population. It’s a major need since U.S. Census data shows about 19 percent of Butte’s population is above 65 years old.

“We ended up exporting our younger people because we don’t have the jobs and that to support them, so their parents are left here and they don’t want to leave, but they don’t have a lot of support without their kids,” said event organizer Joe Gilboy.

Many seniors are encouraged to volunteer in the community in order to stay active and avoid loneliness.

“We also need something to do as seniors and to help the community in any way we can,” said Biggers.