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Teachers and students—especially students—excited for Butte Central's 4-day week

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Posted at 7:56 PM, May 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 12:07:35-04

BUTTE — Butte Central High School has made the big decision to go to a four-day school week. Now, let me ask this class the question, show of hands: How many like the idea of a four-day school week? All of you.

“I think it’s going to be pretty awesome because I get Friday to just chill, which is going to be amazing. Three-day weekend is going to be heavenly,” said Butte Central sophomore Perry Curry.

The Butte Central School system is joining a growing number of schools in Montana and across the nation by going to a four-day school week. It’s something officials say will benefit teachers, students, and staff.

“Teachers and students return to school on Monday after a three-day break more recharged, more ready; it gives teachers another day for preparing lessons,” said Butte Central Schools Superintendent Don Peoples Jr.

The entire pre-K through 12 schools will run Monday through Thursday beginning the first day of class on Aug. 26. Unsurprisingly, many students support having a long weekend.

“I can get a lot of homework done on those days instead of having to go home after my practices for play and for sports. I have more time for homework,” said sophomore Caden Tippett.

Butte Central junior Keefer McGree says, “Mondays are the worst. It’s my least favorite day of the week, I’m always tired, yup.”

The administration believes the shorter week will make Butte Central Schools appealing to teachers.

“So, we really think the popularity of the four-day school week will help us retain teachers and also attract teachers when openings do occur in our school system,” said Peoples.

Peoples said daycare services will be provided for elementary school students during the day off on Friday to help working parents.