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Teacher's union donates 200 books to East Middle in Butte

Posted at 8:27 AM, Dec 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-09 10:27:17-05

BUTTE - I’m going to see what Taylor Swifts is up to.

“John, you know stuff rots your brain! Read that instead,” said East Middle School student Kobe Dagen.

You know, he’s right, reading books, it’s good for you and the kids here at East Middle School got a gift of 200 free books and they really enjoy reading.

“East is a special place and for me and all these students here and I love that we’re able to get a good education out of books and a lot of us love to read books including myself,” said Dagen.

Teacher's union donates 200 books to East Middle in Butte

The students will have plenty of books to choose from after being gifted 200 books recently thanks to an American Federation of Teachers grant.

“It’s the best Christmas present ever, so for this English teacher Christmas has come, so super excited,” said East Middle Teacher Robin Cranney.

Montana Federation of Public Employees President Amanda Curtis has been traveling the state dropping off the books that were paid for through the $20,000 grant.

“Yeah, this is life-giving work. This fills my cup, brings me joy, it’s the best part of my job,” said Curtis.

East Middle student Demi Skuletich added, “It’s great and I think it’s really generous of Amanda to do this for all the schools and I know a lot of people who enjoy to read and I’m happy they get these books.”

Curtis said the book donations come at a time when teachers and librarians are under attack from people who want to ban certain books.

“We though instead of being negative and being in the fight, we would just answer with love and with books,” said Curtis.

Gifts that many students treasure.

“Yes,” said Dagen. “Merry Christmas to everyone in Butte. Love you guys.”