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Teens learn the importance of details while giving back to community

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 20:16:12-04

When’s the last time you got the opportunity to give back to your community and in return, you’re getting personal growth and lessons to carry you on throughout your life.

“This is something that doesn’t happen very often and the fact that we get to do this during a pandemic is pretty amazing,” said cadet Ruth Wallace.

Teens with the Gallatin Composite Squadron with the Civil Air Patrol spent their Friday cleaning the historic World War II B-25 aircraft.

“It’s a great service opportunity for them,” said Bob Gates, the Crew Chief.

And a lesson about taking care of the small things.

“So if the aircraft’s kind of dirty. What does that say to the public about maintenance? If we’re not detailed about the cleaning what about the detail of the maintenance,” Gates asked.

And the cadets seemed to get just as much as they were giving.

“You can see how your work benefited someone else that in itself is such a valuable such a valuable life lesson to learn that when you volunteer and help someone else out it helps you,” said cadet Gideon Survoy.

And the historical component was just an added bonus.

“Reliving the history almost by entering the aircraft and kind of seeing the perspective of the crew of what it would be like operating in and going around in this aircraft,” explained cadet Joaquim Almeria.

Today’s cleaning opportunity could not have come at a better time as cleaning and personal hygiene is now more important than ever.

“Because it’s all about diligence right? Are you going to be faithful in the small things? Are you going to watch out for washing your hands every time? Are you going to keep the aircraft clean every time? It’s a lifestyle,” Gates said.

The aircraft is available for public viewing now until next Thursday then it will be available for public tours. For more information, visit here.