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Video captures man stealing puppy from front yard in Billings

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Posted at 1:41 PM, Jul 29, 2022

BILLINGS — About 9 p.m on Wednesday, July 27, the unthinkable happened to Billings resident Trasine Rowland: Her dog was stolen right from her front yard.

The man walked right up and unhooked the 12-week-old puppy from her lead and disappeared just as quickly as he appeared.

"I was literally right there. I was in a room that I could see her yard and the dog, and I turn around for a second and next thing I know the dog is just gone," said Brittany Hitt, the next door neighbor of Rowland.

She was watching the puppy while Rowland was out. When she went inside for a moment, the thief struck. Both women believe that the perpetrator is a man in his early 20s by what they can see in the video. However, they currently have no leads as to who may have committed the heinous act.

Rowland and Hitt are distraught from the incident as are Rowland's two kids.

"It's really sad. It breaks my heart, to be honest with you. Her kids, that’s their dog," added Hitt.

As traumatizing as it was for them, they know it was also terrifying for Ceiley the dog.

"In the video that we have, you can tell that she was scared because her tail was under her legs because she didn’t know who that person was," said Hitt.

Rowland is hoping that the thief will be identified and her dog will be returned soon.

"She's a great and sweet dog that loves people. I never thought something like this would happen her but I just really want my dog back," said Rowland.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the dog, call Billings police at 406-657-8200.