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Volunteers bring Christmas store to residents of Butte veterans home

Posted at 6:00 PM, Dec 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-05 11:36:37-05

BUTTE — Many of the veterans at Butte’s Southwest Montana Veterans Home can’t get out to the stores this holiday season to buy their family members gifts, but a group of volunteers has decided to bring the store to them.

“You remember going out and shopping and being able to do those things, well, in a very small way we’re bringing that back to them,” said volunteer Eileen Greb.

Volunteers with auxiliary veterans’ groups brought donated gifts to the veteran’s home in Butte to let residents pick a gift to send to relatives this Christmas. The event is very therapeutic for the elderly veterans.

“They get to think about their family and really think about them and the fun things they did,” said Tricia Cunningham, the activities director at the veterans home.

The volunteers first did this in Butte last Christmas and it was so successful they decided to do it again.

“I remember last year, we had one was so thrilled he got to send something to a new great-grandson,” said event organizer Joann Piazzola.

Greb, who served as a Navy nurse during the Vietnam War, knows the value of receiving and giving.

“I remember when I got boxes overseas from home and family and how much it meant to me, and I think that many times when we’re doing this, it’s that giving back from what we received earlier,” said Greb.

The Kiwanis Key Club wrapped the gifts and the volunteers will mail out the gifts to the relatives.