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Montana Ag Network: Ranchers attend leadership conference

Posted at 10:53 AM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 12:53:17-04

In order to learn about all aspects of the beef lifecycle, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) held the 2019 Young Cattlemen’s Conference to prepare producers for leadership roles in the beef industry.

Ranchers Chisholm Christensen of Hinsdale and Jake Feddes of Manhattan represented the Montana Stockgrowers Association at this year’s YCC.

“It’s ten days and we experienced the journey of the beef we produce,” said Christensen. “We follow it from pasture, to plate, to policy.”

The program takes over 60 livestock producers across the nation.

“The tour started in Denver at the NCBA headquarters,” said Christensen. “In Colorado, we got to go see some fed cattle at Five Rivers facility and a processing plant. We followed the supply chain to Chicago and stopped at McDonalds headquarters. We got to see visit a harvest facility there owned by Tyson and culminating now here in Washington, D.C. on the policy end. We spent a lot of time on the hill at the Capitol yesterday advocating for our industry.”

For Jake Feddes, promoting what ranchers do in the countryside is key for the success of the industry.

“As a beef industry, we need to do more advocating and get involved with the entire beef industry,” said Feddes. “I would advise anybody that’s part of Montana Stockgrowers to get involved with NCBA and get signed up for this trip. It is a big commitment, ten days away from home, but they, for the most part, they take care of your expenses so it’s not an expensive trip, but it is one that you will never get to do again.”

For Christensen and Feddes, seeing how agriculture works in Washington, D.C. is an experience all to itself.

“My big moment on this trip has got to be Washington, D.C.,” said Christensen. “I caught a little bit of the bug on the hill and I just had no idea how much goes into it and the politics that that is behind ranching.”

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Story by Lane Nordlund, MTN News