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Montana Ag Network: how inflation has affected consumers and producers

Montana Ag Network: how inflation has affected consumers and producers
Posted at 5:49 PM, Jan 01, 2023

2022 was marked by some of the highest inflation in decades, a strain that consumers have felt in their wallets and agriculture producers have felt to their profits.

According to the USDA Producer Price Index, fresh fruits have seen a 17% to 20% increase of producers output, while fresh vegetables have seen a 48% to 51% increase. That’s a 7-8% increase to consumers.

That summer BBQs could’ve felt a little different this year in what was in the spread.

Ranchers have seen some of the best prices at market. They’ve been posed problems with drought, having to cull calves early and head to sale early. Although the market price is steady, higher input costs have affected their profit.

For farm level cattle, producers have seen a 16-19% increase to production, which has affected the meat department 5-6%.

The wheat and grain department didn’t see much of a difference in what you pay at the store. What has affected farmers the past year was fuel and oil prices to run combines, sprayers, seeders, and any other farm equipment.

Fuel and oil prices were up 47.5% in 2022.

The recent avian flu outbreak has knocked out nearly 60 million egg laying birds in the United States. An epidemic to a flock and an epidemic at the cash register.

According to United Egg Producers, in the last 20 years, egg consumption per capita has increased by 15%.

With all the obstacles, the price for eggs has skyrocketed 49% through November. There doesn’t appear to be any relief on the horizon.



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