Montana DNRC releases 2024 Montana Water Supply Outlook Report

Posted at 8:35 AM, Apr 17, 2024

HELENA — According to the Montana DNRC, record low snowpack has resulted in abnormally dry to severe drought conditions this spring.

According to the 2024 Montana Water Supply Outlook Report, 40% of the state is classified in moderate to severe drought, while another 50% of the state is showing abnormally dry conditions.

Due to this past winter’s low snowpack, the current streamflow forecast is below average. The upcoming summer streamflows will depend on temperature and precipitation. Thankfully, as of now, most state and federal reservoirs are projected to fill due to higher-than-normal fall and winter carry-over. Additionally, soil moisture indicators for much of Montana are average to above average.

The DNRC cautions that warm and sunny conditions or sudden large rain events could release a substantial amount of water in a short time, potentially resulting in flooding.