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Gas prices expected to rise again in Montana

Posted at 2:14 PM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 16:14:17-04

If you are planning on driving anywhere and look up from the pump at the price of gas, you might be noticing an uptick in cost.

According to the fuel price tracker Gas Buddy, prices are expected to climb for the sixth straight week across the country.

Right now, the average price of gas across Montana is resting at about $2.52 a gallon.

That’s up about five cents from last week and 16 cents since last month.

Those at AAA say compared to last year, despite the uptick, we’re still a bit lower.

“Unfortunately, we are [seeing an uptick,]” says Sergio Avila, AAA Montana spokesman. “We are getting into the busy driving season.”

Avila said this upswing in prices is part of the pattern.

“Whenever people start driving more, you are coming up on a time where families are taking a lot of vacations,” he said. “We actually just completed our family travel survey. We put that out last week and it said about 100 million Americans are going to be hitting the road to take their families to different road trips.”

Last year, Avila said, the price at the pump nationally averaged out at $2.62 a gallon.

The average now is about $2.46.

Still, others have noticed a different cost fluctuation.

“Your other Montana, you’ve seen those prices go up week after week, then it’s gone up seven cents since last week and it increased 20 cents from last month so I’m sure your viewers are driving around, looking up at the gas prices and they say whoa,” Avila says.

According to Gas Buddy, the gas prices could go up to nearly or more than $3.00 by the peak of spring, so those who are getting gas now say that will be even more of a concern.

“Gas prices just sort of fluctuate and, right now, we are unfortunately on an upswing, but whenever there is an upswing, eventually there will kind of be a downturn in the demand and supply and then prices will come back down,” Avila said.

AAA says what increases will eventually decrease.

“Once that driving season starts to tail off at summer and kids go back to school, you know, that’s kind of when you start seeing that demand level drop a little bit and gas prices go along with it,” said Avila.

You can always head to Gas Buddy to take a look at the latest gas averages across the country and, specifically, around your neck of the woods.