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Car racers quench 'need for speed' at Montana ExpoPark

Sports Car Club of America at Montana ExpoPark
Posted at 11:30 AM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 13:30:45-04

GREAT FALLS — Most Sundays in Great Falls are quiet but there’s a group down at the Montana ExpoPark fairgrounds that has a need for speed and making some noise. Lots of noise.

Big engines, loud cars, and plenty of asphalt to tear up. That’s what the Sports Car Club of America is all about, as they raced the day away at the fairgrounds Sunday afternoon like they have most of the year.

People of all ages participate with cars of all ages and models as well, and SCCA says it’s all about people meeting people and having a good time racing some cool cars.

SCCA secretary Cameron Potash says he has been with them for just over a year and has already made lots of friends and memories and has enjoyed seeing all the races.

“This was actually a great year. We’ve had some of the highest attendance we’ve ever had. Everything about this is a community. It’s a hobby that all these different people with hugely different backgrounds really enjoy,” Potash said. “We have a couple guys in their 70’s and we have a 16-year-old driving her stock Ford Focus just learning how to be a better driving and having a great time."

SCCA has been doing events like this all year and today’s race only had bragging rights on the line, but racers are still happy to be out doing what they love and showing everyone else what their cars can do, learning more as they go.

Terry Root is a Great Falls resident and racer and says he always wants to learn more with each race. He’s been doing it for more than 15 years and loves the power of his cars and feeling what they can do on a track.

“I was out at the Burger King on (Malmstrom) base back in 2006 and had just bought a 2007 Mustang, and the lady at the drive-thru window commented on my car and said they were racing that Sunday, so I raced it and haven’t looked back,” Root said.

“Out here with that heavy breaking, that light breaking, and you know that swerving, it can actually build up and help out there in the real world. We have one more left for next week, and I’ll be tearing it up.”

There will be one more race next week, then SCCA will look ahead to the winter. You can visit the SCCA website for more information.