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Community comes together to remember homeless man killed in assault

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Posted at 6:31 PM, Jul 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-11 11:29:09-04

KALISPELL- Following the murder of 60-year-old Scott Bryan in June, the community came together for an official memorial Monday.

People came to share their thoughts on the homeless community and remember Bryan.

“I don't think that what happened in our community, defines our community or speaks for our community. I think what happens in times like this, and the fact that we even have a community-supported warming center. That is what speaks for our community,” said Flathead Warming Center Executive Director Tonya Horn.

A memorial was held in Scott Bryan’s honor at the Flathead Warming Center Monday afternoon. Bryan was killed in an assault on June 25, 2023, outside a Kalispell gas station.

The suspect, Kaleb Fleck, plead not guilty to Bryan's death last week.

People from the community shared their favorite memories of him and the conversations they had.

“Some days it was the highlight of my day that's the reason that I went home knowing that what we were doing was really worth it,” said a Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana employee.

Bryan was remembered as a kind, funny person with a feisty side. Memorials over the last week for Bryan have brought out community members who support the homeless.

Their message is to encourage the community to view the homeless as real people.

“And I just encourage everyone to keep caring about your community. this is us it's not us and them, this is just us,” said a speaker at the memorial.

Working with the homeless community can be hard but it is also very rewarding when people in the field see their efforts make a difference.

“And he proved to me that it was worth it, and that it was worth the fight and that they are so worth it that everybody is so worth it to fight for and talk to, and just have a simple conversation with. So, thank you, Scotty, for showing me that it's totally worth it,” said the Community Action Partnership employee.