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Confusion and anger over Blackfeet man's death

Irvin Ingraham
Irvin Ingraham
Posted at 8:48 AM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 10:48:46-04

BROWNING — Irvin Ingraham was a 33-year-old dreamer. Known by the entire community as a fun-loving and kind individual, Irvin’s family members were shocked to find out his life was taken so suddenly.

“He always loved to joke around, play around… He always wanted a family. He wanted the best things in life. He’d always make you smile every day when anybody was down, he’d say something to make you smile and turn it around. Irvin’s always been like that,” said Irvin’s brother, Herbie RunningCrane.

Irvin was reported missing on Friday, July 22, only to be found a few hours later with multiple scratches, bruises, and burns over his body, according to family members. He was then taken to an intensive care unit at a Great Falls hospital, where he passed away the next day.

Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services had posted on Facebook that Irvin had been located and was safe. This post was misleading as Irvin was found in a wounded state.

Family members noted they were some of the last to find out about their beloved Irvin’s passing.

“He wasn’t safe. He wasn’t safe at all… Why would you say that? Why would you even put that out there? It’s misleading,” said RunningCrane.

Confusion and anger over Blackfeet man's death

Foul play is suspected, but the family is shocked that he could have made any enemies.

“His personality, who he was, and what he did for everybody he knew… He did a lot. Everybody that was down, he picked them up, no matter who it was,” said RunningCrane.

The family is awaiting autopsy results before any more answers can be provided.

MTN News contacted Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services, but they declined to provide information because this case is still part of an ongoing investigation.

“I hope it’s not another injustice that gets swept under the rug. We need answers,” said RunningCrane.

If you have any information regarding this case, you're asked to contact Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services or the Glacier County Sheriff's Office.