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Darby Town Council votes to allow construction to begin on proposed resort

Wednesday evening's vote will allow the Bitterroot Resort at Darby to use a waterline which allows construction can start immediately.
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Posted at 8:44 AM, Jul 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-20 10:44:08-04

DARBY - The Darby Town Council voted on Wednesday evening to allow the Bitterroot Resort at Darby to use a waterline that will allow them to start construction immediately.

What does this mean for the town?

It means that the first structure of a potential multi-building project will begin being built by Brooks Pace and his development team.

The entire project will include bars a casino hotels and restaurants.

Pace says his main goal is to add to the town while still keeping its small-town charm.

“Well, I love this little town it really can’t grow a lot but you know there’s a lot of activities the school is really happy to have this so they can have their high school football games here rather than having to go to Hamilton because there’s no lodging here.”

Terri Townsend and her granddaughter Darby Mt.

Even with his optimism, some citizens are still concerned about this development.

Lifelong citizen Terri Townsend had questions about some of the logistics of this project.

“Is him putting in something that big eventually going to help this town can we make it work do we have the money to provide for that?”

Townsend is also concerned about what this project has done to the people of Darby.

“I feel bad because it has torn the town apart a lot you know with this and people because they don’t agree and you know they get upset with the others who agree with it and people are getting threatened it's just torn this town apart.”

Construction on the project may begin as early as Thursday.