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Evicted mobile home park tenants in Flathead County forced to relocate after ownership change

Spring Creek mobile home park
Posted at 12:39 PM, May 22, 2024

KALISPELL — Dozens of tenants at a mobile home community in the Flathead Valley just got eviction notices as the new owners change their business model. They have 180 days to vacate. Most are now facing an uncertain future with no other place to go.

“We’ve got people in here on fixed incomes. They can't afford move their trailers out, they're gonna lose their homes,” said Debbie Kiser Wallace, on eof the tennants at Spring Creek Mobile Home Park.

Tenants of the Spring Creek Mobile Home Park received eviction notices this month from the current owner of the park. The notice gives residents 180 days to leave the property.

“It's devastating. You know, because my gosh, you know, there's people here that have children with special needs. It's gonna take them a long time to get readjusted. The people that are on disability, you know, like, they can barely clean their house, let alone move it anywhere. You know? Where are we gonna find all the funding?” said Wallace.

The park was bought by the new owner in December of 2023. In May, they received the eviction notice stating that the owner will be changing the 32 lot park from a tenant owned homes to landlord owned homes. Most of these people have been in their homes in this park for a decade or more.

“We put our whole life into this one, and it's our only home that our kids have ever known. As well as the problem with our son's school. It takes many years to get special needs kids established in the school system. And fight for his rates repeatedly month after month. So at this point is seems like a never ending battle and we're going to be homeless out on the street with most of the other people here,” said Stephanie Pestkowski a Spring Creek Resident for 11 years.

According to the eviction notice all tenant owned homes and belongings must be removed by November 1st.

“This was supposed to be my lasting home. I have dementia, this was supposed to be my home and now I'm gonna be homeless on the street. I got no place to go,” said Lisa Schmidt, resident at Spring Creek.

According to state law, it is legal for the owner of the mobile home park to change use and issue an eviction notice. The landlord is required to give a six-month notice to tenants.

“You know I don't blame people for wanting to make change, but I feel like we should have been allowed to be part of that change. You know, this is everything we have. I've invested everything,” said Tracy Anderson a resident.

MTN reached out three times to the owner of Spring Creek Mobile Home Park to get a response and we have not heard back.