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Ex-Unifi airline workers continue strike in Missoula

Protestors gathered outside Missoula International Airport Saturday
Ex-Unifi airline workers continue strike
Posted at 5:00 PM, Apr 25, 2021

MISSOULA — Former airline workers at Missoula International Airport spent their 12th day striking against low wages Saturday.

Unifi, a subcontracting company for Delta and United Airlines, has since terminated six employees who staged a walk-out Monday, April 12th.

Several of the former employees gathered this weekend to continue their protest.

According to ex-Unifi Employee Jared Bonney, the company starts wages at $9.65 and caps off at $10.40 after six years.

He told MTN News the rate was not enough to afford living in Missoula and that promised raises were not delivered.

"I want to continue this fight," Bonney said. "I want Unifi to up their wages, so that way the future employees can survive off of the job. It'll help create a safer, more reliable, working staff inside the airport.

MTN News followed up with Interim Airport Director Brian Ellestad and asked about any update from Unifi.

"We've been telling Unifi that they need to look at their pay structure for quite some time, so we were actually not surprised that the workers walked out," Ellestad explained.

"I know that the company right now is working toward a pay increase for their workers. I'm hopeful that they're getting close," he continued.

MTN News will continue to update you on any new developments to the strike.