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Fromberg residents remain without drinkable water

Fromberg residents remain without water
Posted at 5:50 PM, Jul 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-13 18:29:12-04

FROMBERG — It's been nearly one month since the Clarks Fork River spilled its banks and flooded the town of Fromberg, leaving many residents without drinkable water.

The town is on a well system and nearly all of those wells have been cleaned and are continuously being tested for water safety, with hopes that the water will be safe to drink soon.

While Fromberg residents are still cleaning out their homes, they are also still having to be cautious about drinking water from their wells.

“It will eventually catch up if it’s not taken care of, and that’s my biggest concern,” said Lindi O'Brien of Fromberg on Tuesday.

O'Brien is currently cleaning out her mother's flood-damaged home next door. While Fromberg remains under a boil order, O'Brien is concerned some residents are not taking the boil order seriously.

“I know that you’ve got little kids that grab that tap water and get a drink, you know they do. You have an elderly person that’s like, well I've been through this, that and the other thing and they just automatic (drink the water), don’t even think about it,” said O'Brien.

The town’s well systems were completely underwater during the flooding, and water samples in the town first tested high for bad bacteria three weeks ago, according to Mayor Tim Nottingham.

That meant wells needed to be cleaned, some with chlorine.

But there is some hope on the horizon. New water samples are being sent to the state on Thursday.

“Hopefully Friday we’ll know whether we have to boil for a while longer or we get to just go ahead. And they’ll write us a letter saying that we can drink the water,” Nottingham said.

Water test results last week did come back with an okay to drink. However, a history of good results is needed before an all clear can be given.

And until then, O’Brien won’t be taking chances with the water. But she’s hopeful she’ll soon have safe water once again.

“We still continue to bathe, we still continue to use our water for the purposes it was there for. But you’re running a chance anytime you wash your head underneath the shower, you know?” O'Brien said.

Fromberg residents can pick up free bottled water at the main park in the town.