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Kalispell teen wins Google Doodle competition

Google Doodle winner photo
Anitha Ravipati Google Doodle
Posted at 3:25 PM, May 23, 2024

KALISPELL — A Kalispell Glacier High School Student is one of the winners for this year’s Google Doodle competition.

Google Doodle is a drawing competition for kids in 55 U.S. states and territories where they submit artwork based on a prompt from Google.

The winners get their artwork displayed on the Google homepage for one day.

Anitha Ravipati of Kalispell has won a spot on the Google homepage out of tens of thousands of entries and will go on to a vote to become one of five finalists and possibly the national winner.

“It really brought me out of my comfort zone to do a drawing like this big for a big company like Google so I felt like it would help me break out and have more opportunities to show what I can do,” said Ravipati.

This is the 16th annual Doodle for Google competition. It is Google’s 25th anniversary and in accordance with that this year's drawing prompt was: My wish for the next 25 years.

Anitha’s drawing consists of elements expressing what she hopes her future will look like.

In her application to Google, Anitha included this statement. “My wish for the next 25 years is to become someone who can make a lasting impact on people. My goal is to help others in any way I can. I aspire to become a doctor who will save lives. I also wish that I become someone who is kind, brave and sincere.”

Her win was shared with family, friends and her peers at a school assembly announcing her win.

“It feels really good. I was very surprised when I found out I won because originally I, you know, I didn't think I would win. I just thought it would be a fun little activity to do. But now like knowing I won, like, shows me you know how capable I am like I'm proud of myself for this accomplishment,” said Ravipati.

Anitha Ravipati is now up for nomination to become one of five finalists for Google Doodle, and potentially win the entire competition.

If you would like to vote for this year's Google Doodle winners, please visit