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Mission Valley residents react to Wednesday morning earthquake

Mandela Vaneeden
Ravalli Earthquake Map
Posted at 2:34 PM, Nov 16, 2022

ST. IGNATIUS - Homes in the Mission Valley woke up Wednesday morning to rumbling and shaking as a magnitude 3.7 earthquake hit just outside Ravalli.

“Well, I was up, awake getting ready packing for a trip, and then all sudden it felt like it really felt like something hit the house like it was an explosion," said Teri Miller of St. Ignatius. "Maybe one of the trees came down.”

“At 6:45 [a.m.] or so this morning it was a bit of a rattle we had a nice little wiggle," recalled Wesley Harmon, St. Ignatius resident. "It took about a half a second to realize that it was an earthquake and it was kind of loud.”

“I felt this one and it scared me,” Miller told MTN News.

Ravalli Earthquake Map

“Suddenly woke up and thought I was in San Francisco because the last time I felt something like that a movement of vibration into the house was in San Francisco," said St. Ignatius resident Mandela Vaneeden. "So I didn't know where it was and then yeah, I kind of was baffled that we had something like that happen here in Saint Ignatius.”

MTN News spoke to other area residents about their experiences and they told us that although it was a short earthquake, it did wake them up by shaking their bed and rattling plates and glassware.

The earthquake was felt across parts of Western Montana including in Missoula, Polson, Ronan and as far south as Corvallis.