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Missoula's Gwen Lockman to appear on Jeopardy! on Wednesday night

Gwen on Jeopardy
Posted at 4:36 PM, Mar 14, 2023

MISSOULA - Missoulian Gwen Lockman will be featured on Jeopardy at 6 p.m. Wednesday on KXLF.

Lockman's knack for trivia comes from her family's love of Jeopardy, they'd play the show while Gwen was growing up, and her academic background in history.

Lockman told MTN that when she was in high school, she realized that she'd do well on the show, "I realized I knew relatively a lot of the questions."

The first time she took the Jeopardy test was after her graduation from college in 2016.

Unfortunately, at that time, Lockman was not asked to audition.

Gwen on Jeopardy
Gwen Lockman was featured on Jeopardy at 6 p.m on 3/15

While working on a dissertation for her Ph.D. in Butte, the trivia fanatic would play at the Butte Public Library and at bar trivia in Anaconda.

"Both my teams would do pretty well whenever I was there... Someone from Butte who'd been on the show would come up to our team and tell us we should try to get on Jeopardy," Lockman shared.

After her time in Butte, Lockman took the test and got on the show.

On her time on the Jeopardy set Lockman told MTN:

"Production crew and staff know that they're helping a lot of people enjoy an opportunity that they've really wanted for either a long time or for really good reasons; everyone is so kind and caring. It's really fun to meet other people who are as good at trivia. By the time you get to filming the show, everybody who films knows so much. And I would say any one of us would've known 2/3 of every single board. Like that's not a question. It really comes down to the buzzer game and that's where things get really tricky."

Lockman recommends taking the test and trying to get on the show to anyone interested, "if you do get the chance to go on, it's just it's so much fun. I would recommend it to anybody."

Make sure to see how the game plays out for Gwen at 6 p.m. on March 15, 2023, on KXLF.