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Montana truckers pushed to deliver goods during coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 11:07 PM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-27 16:11:37-04

As governors nationwide, including in Montana, take steps to protect their states during the coronavirus pandemic, business closures are creating challenges for another group of essential workers, truck drivers, to meet their needs on the road.

"More expectations put on them to get things from one destination to the other, whether it be their freight haulers or fuel haulers. Everybody's job as a truck driver has become extremely important," Kiersten England of Exit 96 Shine Truck and RV Wash in Missoula said.

"I've heard in and around the country about people reaching out to those who are really having an effect on their lives, such as truck drivers. They're up against some really difficult situations," England said. "They're tired and they need to pull over and they can't. They're working longer hours, they do have new... regulations that they have to follow, but they're putting in, you know, 16-hour days."

Some have even experienced their tires being booted, resulting in heavy fines for removal, she said.

The England family has created goodie bags with fresh snacks and food certificates.

"It's part of a homeschooling assignment for my girls. I feel that they have realized that in times of need when everybody's feeling sad or anxious or worried that you still can persevere and you still can come out of this knowing that one little (thing) can build someone's hope in someone's world," England said.

"They love the honk signal. It makes a trucker's day," England said.